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5 Signs You Could Need Non-Standard Construction Insurance

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traditional thatched roof cottageWhile most homes are constructed using standard bricks and mortar, others are a little more out of the ordinary. On the upside, this means that they’re full of character and charm. On the downside, they may not be eligible for run-of-the-mill insurance policies. Thankfully, sites such as Compare Crazy allow homeowners to easily search the web for non-standard construction insurance policies that cover even the most unconventional of homes. To help you realise whether or not your home is in need of specialised non-standard construction insurance, we’ve put together a list of some common features to look out for.

Thatched roofs

Due to the highly flammable nature of materials such as straw, rushes, water reed, sedge and heather, thatched roof properties require specialised Thatch Insurance. This is because the home is more at-risk of fire damage and is also significantly more costly to repair.

Flat roof

Properties with flat roofs do have a certain charm however this does make them more vulnerable to weather damage. Water has no way of naturally draining off the roof which can lead to flooding, leaks and rot.

Timber frames

Timber frame properties are subject to a range of risks including fire damage, termite infestation and rot. If you have a timber frame house, it’s essential to take out a specialised insurance policy that covers all of the above.


From barns and churches to factories and windmills, converting commercial properties into residential homes is hugely popular. However due to the unconventional nature of these sorts of properties homeowners must ensure that they have a specialised insurance policy in place.

Listed properties

While new builds are incredibly convenient, nothing beats the old world charm and historic value of a listed property. There are over 350,000 listed buildings in the UK, ranging from quaint churches to majestic castles. If you’re lucky enough to own a listed property it’s crucial that you protect your investment with specialised insurance that covers all the associated risks of properties that are hundreds of years old.

Shingle roof

While they do look extremely attractive, shingle roofs can be incredibly expensive to repair and replace. They are also less sturdy than modern roof building materials which mean they are more at risk of damage from heavy rain and strong winds. Many insurance companies are reluctant to insure shingle roof properties which means you may need to find a specialist provider.

It can be confusing at first what classes as “non-standard” when it comes to construction home insurance, but it’s easy to see why these features require a different policy.  If you’re unsure, the best thing to do is call a quality insurance provider and double check before taking out a policy.

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