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Using Technology as a Motor Trader

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It seems these days that there is some sort of technology to help with every job, and motor traders are certainly finding that more and more companies are investing in online and mobile technology that makes their lives easier.  However, we know that some motor traders may find it all a bit confusing, especially if they are used to handling everything the old fashioned way! 

So here is a brief introduction some new technology that could help you manage your business:

Online Servicing Booking

There has been a huge increase in software that allows car owners to book services, MOTs and other repairs via the internet, meaning that they can pick the dealership they want and the services they need quickly and easily.  Audi has just rolled out the software across all of its dealerships, which not only lets its customers book online but also gives them a cost estimate which is then later confirmed by text or email.  Other online servicing software also allows mechanics to update a client’s file automatically with information on what work is needed, and can even provide extra information such as photographs and video clips.

Apps for Motor Traders

Whilst many motor traders will be familiar with the concept of having a website that advertises their stock, those that are more tech-savvy will know that there are now apps out there which can be used on mobile devices and tablets that enable potential customers to view cars on the go.  These apps also enable customers to contact motor traders with just a press of a button, and therefore increase a trader’s chances of selling their stock.

Motor Trade Insurance Comparison Sites

The popularity of insurance comparison sites has increased massively in the past few years, and now many websites such as CompareCrazy are offering quick comparisons of motor trade insurance policies.  Motor traders are generally busy people, meaning that using a site that compares a range of motor trade insurance policies for you can save you both time and money, something that every motor trader will benefit from!

Keeping abreast of new technology can sometimes seem a bit daunting, especially if you have a busy schedule.  However, once you get to grips with all the new software and tools available you could find that not only are you saving time but also making your business more efficient and cheaper to run.  So get online and see what you can find!

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