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If the same rules applied to cats as they do for dogs, Shiny would be dead. As it stands, he’s on a feline par with Charlie Bronson as being Britain’s most dangerous. Charlie is locked up in the maximum security Wakefield Prison, ‘cat A’ if you’ll excuse the pun. Shiny on the other hand is on the loose and is by all accounts terrorising the villagers of Little Treviscoe, near St. Austell in Cornwall. What does this have to do with pet insurance you may ask?

Come near Poppy and you're having it!
Come near Poppy and you’re having it!

Well, in motor insurance underwriting, one of the rating factors is your postcode. You would pay more for your insurance if you live within a high crime rated postcode in Manchester than you would in, say, Aberdeen, where a little old lady tripping over a kerb is front page news. Not that this applies whatsoever in respect of pet insurance, but if it did, the Little Treviscoe postcode would possibly pop up as ‘no quote’ as there has been a recent spate of trips to the vets by residents of the aforementioned village, coupled with trips to the hospital, due to Shiny’s antics.

If you don't let go of me I swear to god I'm gonna lose it!
If you don’t let go of me I swear to god I’m gonna lose it!

The black tom is owned by Adrian and Mandie Knowles who have had Shiny since he was a kitten. They have three children aged seven, seven and Poppy, aged two, who have never suffered at the claws of Shiny. Mr. Knowles has however had the police knocking his door five times so far after reports of Shiny’s vicious assaults on the neighbours, some of whom are afraid to leave their homes, however they are powerless to act as Shiny is legally doing nothing wrong. Acting on the advice of the RSPCA, who have also knocked his door a few times, Mr. Knowles has had Shiny neutered. Whether this has had any effect on Shiny’s impulses to savage other cats, humans and even dogs remains to be seen but if someone whipped my tatties off I’d be pretty angry!


Apparently the local villagers have to arm themselves with water hoses and one victim went even further. Julia Terry, 43, said: ‘Twice when I’ve gone out to get my cat it has attacked me. It launched off the fence and attached itself to my arm. I had to throw hot tea over it, it was the only way other than bashing it against the wall to get it off my arm’. Another resident, after Shiny had attacked her 90 year old mother, said ‘It is just four sets of claws and a set of teeth coming at you.’

There's not a mark on you! Stop mewing!
There’s not a mark on you! Stop mewing!

Is Shiny Britain’s hardest cat? He clearly has issues which is why Mr. and Mrs. Knowles have now enlisted the help of an animal psychologist! In the meantime, residents of Little Treviscoe need fear not when it comes to pet insurance. Compare your pet insurance here at The business insurance comparison site!

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