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5 Steps to a Safer Workplace

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Work Injury Claim Approved Shows Medical Expenses repaidIn 2014 Brits fell victim to 133 worker fatalities, 1.2 million work related illnesses and 629,000 injuries. If you run or manage a business it’s your responsibility to keep workers safe at all times, no matter what the sector. So how can you stop your employees from becoming a statistic? We’ve put together some easy yet effective ways you can keep your workplace safe in 2015.

Issue employees with all the necessary safety gear

Do you run a workplace where employees are subject to physical risks? If so it’s essential to equip every worker with a full safety kit that protects them from any on-site grievances. This includes items such as steel cap boots, hard hats, gloves, goggles and ear muffs.

Understand the risks

A thorough understanding of your workplace and all of its associated risks will arm you with the knowledge to minimise on-site accidents and injuries. You should carry out regular health and safety checks and take necessary action to eliminate any identified hazards. Get your employees on-board as well and encourage them to report any safety hazards immediately.

Offer staff comprehensive training

You can seriously enhance the safety of your workplace by ensuring that all staff have a complete understanding of safety procedures. This includes things such as how to lift and move heavy goods, how to handle dangerous materials and evacuation routes.

Have a first aid kit close to hand

It may seem simple but having access to a fully stocked first aid kit can mean the difference between life and death. You should also ensure that there is someone with a First Aid Certificate on-site at all times.

Ensure all staff are trained and competent

Under no circumstances should staff be asked to complete a task that they are not qualified for. This is particularly applicable to workplaces utilising heavy equipment and machinery. Incompetent staff are a key cause of workplace accidents and fatalities so make sure you only assign work to qualified employees. 

Stay sober

Whatever the sector, enforcing a strict no drugs and alcohol policy will ensure that your staff carry out tasks with a clear head at all times. Some workplaces even go so far as to introduce random tests before employees commence work.

Take out employer’s liability insurance

At the end of the day even the safest of worksites can still fall victim to employee accidents and injuries. In a worst case scenario an Employer Liability Insurance Policy covers the cost of any employee claims against the company. 

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