Special Risk Insurance Comparison

Not all home insurance and business insurance needs are the same so even if you have a criminal conviction you can compare the market to find the insurance you need.

Ex-Offender? – Get a Home Insurance Quote

There may be genuine reasons why you need specialist advice or help which the main stream insurers can no longer cater for such as a less than usual trade or a high risk trade that involves working at height or with heat, charity/ social enterprise. A new business/ start up or a home based business.

Or you are having trouble getting cover as your business premises are in a flood prone area or have suffered flooding.

You have had financial difficulties in the past like liquidation bankrupts or CCJ’s. Your claim record is not great.

You have a criminal conviction of any sort or even a motoring conviction such Drink driving and others that now also count or even receiving a fixed penalty notice say for dropping litter and dispute it and end up in court it’s a criminal conviction or benefit claims and alike (if in doubt ask).

For the 7 million people in the UK with Criminal convictions we offer a compassionate understanding & confidential service and you will often be pleasantly surprised with our quotes.

Insurance be a minefield but it is something that you do need to protect your business.

The policy is made up of several basic components.

The starting point is LIABILITY INSURANCE which is all you made need if you are a tradesman without premises or just a fledgling business.

What is the cover?

The first part is PUBLIC LIABILITY this protects you against being sued by a client/customer for damage you cause to them or their property. Be warned although you might only cause minor damage but by the time legal fees are added from often a “no win no fee” Lawyer the claim can be 10s of thousands of pounds if not 100s premium can be from under a £100 so it is work while.

PRODUCT LIABILITY if you make or supply a product this an extra cover available should the customer be harmed by the item rather than the service you provide.