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Marketing Ideas To Boost Bouncy Castle Hire Businesses

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Bouncy castle businessEntrepreneurs are always looking at new and exciting ways to boost profits and bouncy castle hire businesses are no exception. Thanks to modern technology getting bottom lines soaring has never been easier, or cheaper! Want to know more? Read on for some great ideas that are guaranteed to get bouncy hire businesses booming this year!

Use the power of social media

In today’s world of modern business social media is considered a hugely powerful marketing tool. It’s used across the board, from small SMEs to multi-national mega corporations. Don’t sell yourself short. Set up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and use them to communicate with customers, announce exciting news and drum up new business. Just remember, shareable content is always the key. The results will speak for themselves!

Offer special deals

Customers love to snap up a bargain and running special deals, offers and discounts is an effective way to entice in new and return business. The great thing about this idea is that you can tailor it to suit your individual business circumstances. For example, depending on what you can afford you can offer customers anything from buy one get one free deals to pre-set percentages of new bookings.

Don’t forget old school techniques

New technologies are fantastic however it also pays to go back to basics. Print business cards, pin up flyers in public places, carry out flyer drops and take out an advertisement in your local paper. You can then measure the success of each advertising channel and determine whether or not it’s worth making it an ongoing investment.

Promote the fact that you have insurance

Every bouncy castle business should have insurance however this doesn’t mean that all companies play by the rules. If you want to boost your competitive advantage take out a specialised bouncy castle insurance policy and let the world know about it. Announce it on social media, write it on your business card and mention it on any promotional material. This will instantly give any new customers the complete peace of mind that they’re doing business with a company that is committed to safety. 

Using these marketing ideas you should be well on your way to getting profits soaring over the next few months. 

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