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Boost in Essex Kebab Sales – Public Liability Insurance

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It has come to my attention that last Saturday (19/10/13) a number of Fire and Rescue Services across the country had a strike planned to bring attention to their plight regarding governmental pension reforms. The firefighters were due to walk out from 6.30pm to 11.30pm. What does this have to do with public liability insurance I hear you ask? Good question, and I’m thinking about that as I write!

Liability InsuranceEssex County Fire and Rescue Service had a novelty idea, urging the Essex public to ‘Grab a Kebab’ last Saturday night if they were going out for drinkies rather than come home full of ale attempting to knock together a full on gourmet meal, subsequently failing miserably and inadvertently burning the house down whilst passed out on the bathroom floor.

As it transpires, the strike never materialised but I was curious as to whether the message had any impact. Now short of phoning every chippy, Chinese, kebab shop and curry house in Essex I decided I would contact Essex Fire Service instead to see if they had any statisticss on whether there was a reduction in call outs to house fires on that evening. Sadly the Press Officer was not available for comment at the time.

However, if the message the Fire Service was giving did get through to the public what would this mean in future if it was taken on board on a larger scale? Well according to figures on their website 56% of house fires in Essex start in the kitchen so if that figure was reduced it could only be a good thing.

On the flipside however would there not be a larger burden on the NHS as more people become obese and clogged with cholesterol?! And what about the owners of these takeaway establishments? Surely their insurance premiums would increase as public liability insurance is rated by insurance companies on the turnover of the business which would increase? (There, told you I was thinking about it!)

Well not here at where we have a panel of brokers who specialise in all aspects of liability insurance and strive to keep premiums at a minimum. So get a quote now for your public liability insurance at The business insurance comparison site!

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