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Property Damage Tops the Reasons for Landlords Disputes With Tenants. Thank God For Landlord insurance

01 August 2014

If you are a well seasoned landlord then you probably don’t need a study telling you what the main causes of disputes between yourself and tenants are, for the majority of landlords, ‘property damage’ will roll right of your tongue. For others it will be tenants not paying up on time or carrying out some…

Increasing Rent Arrears – Rent Guarantee Insurance

26 November 2013

According to the National Landlords Association, the second quarter of 2013 has seen 39% of their members (who participated in their survey) having experienced some rental arrears from their tenants over the previous twelve months, rising to 45% of landlords who let to tenants in receipt of Local Housing Allowance, the arrears averaging out at…