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The Importance of Unoccupied Property Insurance

03 August 2015

Managing a property can be incredibly rewarding, however it is crucial for landlords to develop a thorough understanding of how to protect their investments against the risk of unexpected costs. Many landlords fail to realise that basic policies don’t provide cover when properties become vacant. This is where unoccupied property insurance comes in. Designed especially…

Government Introduces New Deposit Regulations

01 June 2015

Landlords have been given a two month grace period to register deposits with official government schemes, or face financial penalties. Sound serious? That’s because it is. The new laws are not only designed to protect tenants but are also intended to make the process of leasing a property easier, safer and more streamlined. Want to…

25% of Landlords Unintentional

20 April 2015

British landlord numbers may be soaring but according to the latest research from the National Landlords Association (NLA), 25% entered into the market accidentally or unintentionally. This equates to a huge 360,000 private property owners across the nation.

British landlords enjoy sky-high returns

03 April 2015

According to industry analysts British landlords have made £177 billion in capital gains over the past five years! This excludes rental income which spells big bank account booms for landlords across the nation. It’s clear that the housing industry is booming and as far as opportunities go, buy-to-let landlords stand to benefit the most from…